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Shore side Positions

About 40% of the CCG workforce is made up of people working in shore-based jobs. The overall function of these positions is to support CCG operations. They do not involve working on CCG floating assets. Instead, they can be operational (e.g. communications, environmental, logistics, etc.) or administrative (e.g. management, planning, policy, etc.).


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Seagoing Positions

The CCG workforce is made up of about 60% seagoing personnel. On every ship in Canada and the world, there are two types of seafarer: ships’ officers (SOs) and ships’ crews (SCs). The officers are the ones in charge and the crews carry out the skilled work aboard ship. Similarly, in every ship there are three main departments: deck/navigation, engineering, and logistics. Within the officer and crew cadres there are hierarchies associated with time doing a given job, experience working on certain seagoing platforms, and training. The captain is the top officer of a ship and a navigation officer; the chief engineer is the top engineer of a ship. Beneath these there are lower ranking officers and then crew.


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