Career Competency Tool Overview

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG)’s Career Competency Tool (CCT) is an online tool that provides information about the requirements for jobs across the coast guard. The tool is for both existing CCG employees and those interested in working for the CCG. For CCG members, the tool empowers you to take charge of your own career development.

Once you identify a position, the tool also allows you to find similar positions or compare the job requirements to other positions within the CCG. For each position, the tool provides:


Certifications indicate having successfully completed a given training program. Some certifications may vary or change, even across the same classification level.


Each position includes a breakdown of the competencies required. This information is compiled from the competencies included in job posters for that position, over the past few years. Each competency has a minimum level of proficiency needed for the position. Job competencies are divided into three sections:

  1. Knowledge elements are practical or theoretical understanding of a subject. It is the information you need (from past experience or education) to succeed in the position.
  2. Technical elements describe abilities to apply knowledge to efficiently perform the job.
  3. Behaviour elements are the behaviours or attitudes needed for any job with the CCG. Seven behaviour elements and a level of competency required for each job are included in the tool.

The competencies may evolve as job requirements change within the CCG.

Competency levels

Each competency is assigned a level. These levels are based on the knowledge and skills required for each position.

These levels range from 1 to 5:

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